Aida Lucie

Yoga & Tantra Teacher


At the age of 18, Aida traveled the world in the search of Truth, Sacredness, and Mysticism. This opened her up to the spiritual path and she has since then traveled around the world studying from various spiritual masters in Thailand, India, Mexico, Europe, Bali, and Australia.

Along her journey, she also completed various highly accredited trainings and hosted workshops all over the world.
She has been practicing Tantra at a traditional school for the past 4 years & continues to work closely with Monika Nataraj. She is also deeply devoted to meditation, a love that was sparked after her encounter and studies with her spiritual teacher Sahajanada.
This background makes all of her offerings mainly focused on utilising sexual energy as a catalyst for spiritual growth, and using meditation and self-inquiry for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart.

Aida’s view on Spirituality is very inclusive, celebrating life in all its glory without denying any aspect of it, while constantly remembering the background of it all, the Holy Spirit which holds it all together; The eternal dance between Shiva & Shakti.

  • Ayurvedic Bodyworker (Rasovai School, India)
  • Holistic Nutrition Consultant (Bauman College, USA)
  • Shakti Spirit Teacher (Monika Nataraj, Thailand)
  • Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance 500hr)
  • Hridaya Meditation Teacher (Hridaya Yoga School, Mexico)


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